Bee-eaters observatory
Bee-eaters observatory

Bee-eaters observatory

The Observatory

We have built and installed this free hide to observe and learn more about the bee-eaters, in the town of Gordoncillo, León.

Every year, on a small slope of land, the bee-eaters establish their breeding colony. Learn more about the life cycle of this colorful species of our avifauna without disturbance, and on the front line! Photos, videos, or simply the enjoyment of observation await you at our observatory.

The use of this hide will be offered through the web completely free of charge for anyone who wants to use it. The season will be annual from mid-April to the end of August (end of the breeding season). There will be two shifts: morning hours (8-11am) and afternoon hours (7-10pm). Reservations will be made by telephone by calling the Gordoncillo Town Hall, who will give the interested party the key and the necessary information.


Rules of use

1 When approaching with a vehicle, do it slowly and calmly, avoiding slamming doors or other noises.

2 Entrance and exit of the observatory will be done in silence, and if possible when there is little or no presence of birds in the environment.

3 If you enter the observatory in dim light, avoid artificial light as much as possible.

4 If several people enter, try to do it simultaneously to minimize movement and inconvenience.

5 Once inside, it would be convenient to stay at least two hours.

6 Moderate the use of the mobile phone: do not make voice calls and always keep it on silence mode.

7 Smoking is not allowed.

8 When leaving the observatory, make sure that it is the same as or better than how you found it. Avoid leaving rubbish inside or outside, close the windows, and notify the town hall if the can or window cleaner are running low.

9 Pets are not allowed.

10 Do not use sound calls or bait.

By means of the following button, you will make a call to the telephone number of the Gordoncillo town hall, where you will be able to check the availability and make the reservation of the bee-eater hide.

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